2012 DSG Bazaar

2012BazaarThe Annual Charity Bazaar took place on on November 17th. Despite the rain in the morning, which had us worried, and the heat of the afternoon, which kept us seeking shade, we had a great turnout. We saw visitors who came in the morning and stayed all day to enjoy the food, the shopping, the entertainment and the hope that they might be the grand prize-winner. Our guest of honor, Mrs. Asha Bilal, spent hours visiting the White Elephant, the Market, the International Food and finally, taking a long rest at the Ethiopian Coffee Tent.

Representatives of 11 of the 14 projects we funded in 2012 were able to come to the Bazaar to meet and mingle with our community. I hope you were able to stop by the Projects table in the market to talk with some of these extraordinary people. These are the people we support with the Bazaar and the Karibu Dance, and it was good to put a face to them for our visitors and our volunteers.

To you, our members, there are so many to thank. We all know that each hour given added to the success of this event. The Country Coordinators and their volunteers, the Committee Heads and theirs – many people donated a great deal of time and thought. But a special thank you must go to the amazing UN Group who not only organized the White Elephant Sale but also took over the Raffle Collection and then raffle ticket sales. They were an amazing example of efficiency and an inspiring demonstration of service. And, for those who were there organizing from the beginning, and you know who you are, I offer a special thanks on behalf of the entire group.

The DSG runs on the energy and good will of many amazing people. We saw the result of that collaboration at our Bazaar.