About the Projects Committee

The DSG Projects Committee assists local initiatives that support Tanzania’s most vulnerable citizens, most often women, children and the physically and mentally challenged.

It is responsible for the selection, funding and monitoring of projects, generally in the areas of education, health and income-generation. Funds are raised through various activities of the DSG, including the annual charity bazaar held in November.

The Projects Committee comprises 8-10 volunteers, members of the DSG.  The committee meets regularly and reaches decisions by majority vote.  Projects are visited before funds are approved, and afterwards for follow-up.

What type of projects are considered for support?

  • Community-based, most frequently focusing on women, children, and the physically and mentally challenged
  • Those demonstrating strong, reliable leadership
  • Those run by NGOs
  • Normally, projects are in the areas of education, health and income-generation

See the previously funded projects ( 2015 2014 2013  2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 ) for an indication of the type of projects that the DSG supports. To apply for funding, click here.

Please note that the DSG does NOT fund day-to-day expenses such as food, medication, fuel, rent, salaries, school fees, or uniforms.

Information on Projects

The committee provides information on the projects supported through the DSG’s Habari News and website (, display boards at DSG meetings, and at its various fundraising events.

In recent years the DSG has been able to fund approximately 10-15 projects per year with an average grant of 5,000,000 TZS each.  Financial details of the projects are presented to the DSG executive committee for approval.  DSG members are welcome to visit projects, and to motivate organizations fulfilling the above criteria to apply for funding.

Email address for the DSG Projects Committee