2009 DSG Projects

Amani Center for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Morogoro District
Amani Centre supports children with mental and physical disabilities, and their parents, through educational, social and health services. The Centre received funding to finish a toilet block which is crucial to completing the café project we funded last year. The Amani Center Café will provide income to the Center and training to youth with disabilities.

ATD Fourth World Dar es Salaam
ATD Fourth World works with the poorest of the poor, supporting them to express their thoughts and make their experience known. In Dar es Salaam, ATD Fourth World has been making connections with workers of the fish market since 1998 to learn from them what their needs are and how they can be addressed. Many of the people who work in the fish market are homeless and illiterate. DSG funding has launched a literacy training pilot project helping fish market workers to learn to read and write.

ATD Fourth World

Bethsaida Girls Secondary School / Olof Palme Education CenterKinondoni District
The education center houses an orphanage and secondary school for girls aged 14 to 18. The mission of the center is to provide quality secondary education, particularly in science and technology. Funding was awarded for completion of a science laboratory.

Canossa Secondary SchoolTegeta
Thanks to a donation from Ericsson, the school was able to furnish a classroom with 50 desks and 50 chairs.

Emusoi Center for Pastoralist GirlsArusha
Emusoi supports the empowerment of girls from pastoralist communities by increasing their access to post primary education. Emusoi was awarded funds to purchase toiletry items for girls going to boarding school.

Emusoi Center for Pastoralist Girls

Foundation for African Medicine and Education Ltd (FAME) Karatu
FAME is improving the quality and accessibility of medical care in the district of Karatu. The DSG has supported FAME with funds to buy solar panels so they will be able to secure power to meet the critical needs regarding refrigeration of medicine, power to laboratory equipment, and lighting for minor surgical operations at the FAME medical clinic.

KidzcareKarege village, Bagamoyo District
Kidzcare is an organization involved in education, orphan care and community development. DSG funds have helped to renovate a new house for the orphanage in order for them to become self sufficient as they will also have the space to plant fruit trees and a vegetable garden.

Maadili Child Care Center Kiranyi Village, Arusha
Maadili cares for and supports orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with education and basic needs, as well as raising awareness in the community about children’s rights and HIV/AIDS. DSG supported the Child Care Centre with funds to buy their own plot to start a farm in order to be self-sufficient.

Maadili Child Care Center

Mazingira Bora Karatu (MBK)Karatu, Arusha
MBK has created a community park by planting trees, installing a children’s playground and building public toilets. They would like to expand the facility so that community groups can have a space to address or perform to large groups, and where children and youth can learn and perform dance, music, and theater. The DSG has supported MBK with funds to construct a community stage.

Mwika Development Trust Fund (MWIDEFU) Mwika, Moshi Rural District
MWIDEFU has been playing a key role in community development of Mwika by starting a vocational training center, constructing a dispensary, providing electricity to schools and creating a community library. The DSG funded part of the cost of the library which is now visited by schools in the area, as well as adults and children in their spare time. The DSG has supported MWIDEFU with funds for phase two of the library project – equipping the library with multi-media capacity and expanding the stock of books.

Mwika Development Trust Fund (MWIDEFU)

Neema Crafts Center for People with Disabilities Iringa
Neema Crafts empowers people with disabilities, and helps them out of extreme poverty through handicrafts training and employment opportunities. Neema Crafts also works to change negative attitudes towards disabled people in society. The DSG supported the Center with funds for an 8 month tailoring training for deaf and physically disabled people to provide them with a vocational skill which will enable them to support themselves and their families.

Nshambya Kindergarten Nsambya village, Kagera Region
A kindergarten classroom was built in the village, and now with funding from the DSG the classroom has been supplied with school benches, a teacher´s desk, chairs, cupboards and some school supplies.

Sister Josephata/ Franciscan Sisters Dar es Salaam
The Franciscan Sisters who work with those in extreme poverty were awarded funds for health and community services.

Tegeta Mission DispensaryTegeta
The dispensary helps 150-200 poor people each day, for free, with a variety of medical services. The DSG has awarded the Tegeta Mission Dispensary funds to purchase a second microscope, a compressor and a suction machine for the dentistry department so that they are able to fill teeth, and not only extract them.

Canossian Daughters of Charity, Training Centre for Maasai Girls Njiro, Korona, Arusha Region

The Centre offers Maasai girls an education in tailoring, as well as basic English, Kiswahili and Math, so they are able to earn their own living and become self-reliant. Funds from the DSG have helped to purchase sewing machines for the girls.









WomencraftNgara, Kagera Region
Womencraft is a community enterprise that connects talented rural East African artisans with regional and international fair-trade markets. WomenCraft proposes a kanga connection program in which rural community women and WomenCraft artisans are provided with kangas. Half of each kanga is worn and the other half is woven into the baskets they make. The DSG supported Womencraft with funds for labels, kangas and updating of the organization’s website.

Wonder WorkshopDar es Salaam
Wonder Workshop trains disabled Tanzanians in various arts and crafts, and provides them with a market for the sale of those items. The DSG has awarded the Wonder Workshop with funds towards the renovation of the new Wonder Workshop premises which will allow them to expand operations and hire more disabled Tanzanians.

Wonder Workshop

Fair Trade Friends/Mama Masai Loiborsoit, Simanjiro District
The DSG will provide part-funding needed for a permanent water supply for the Ereto leather group of the Mama Masai. A permanent water supply will not only help the leather group and their families, but also benefit the whole community.