2012 DSG Projects Map

1. ATD FOURTH WORLD engages with individuals and institutions to eradicate extreme poverty.
Birth registration of the poorest children in Tegeta.

2. ATD FOURTH WORLD engages with individuals and institutions to eradicate extreme poverty.
Literacy training of the poorest people in Tandale.

3. CATALYST ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN PROGRESS IN ZANZIBAR supports women and youth development initiatives.
Training in entrepreneurship and briquette-making of 40 youths.

4. EMUSOI CENTRE helps Masai girls to access secondary education.
Purchase of text books and dictionaries.

5. ENKARE E ENKAI supports a Masai community, which had to relocate to the Tanga region.
Building of a roof structure and sim tank for harvesting rainwater.

6. KARIBU TANZANIA ASSOCIATION works in adult education and community development for rural people.
Practical entrepreneurship training for young mothers.

7. KIDZCARE supports vulnerable children with education, nutrition and health care.
Security fencing around its orphanage.

8. KIGWE SOCIAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING helps women and youth to engage in income-generating activities.
Fruit and vegetable production for women and youth.

9. LORETO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL offers education to 700 girls in Mwanza.
Purchase of desks and chairs to equip a new classroom.

10. MAKINI ORGANIZATION supports youth who live in the streets of Dar Es Salaam.
A weekly art performance training.

11. FAIR TRADE FRIENDS & MAMA MASAI empowers Masai women through handicraft fair trade.
Purchase of tin trunks and books for mobile libraries to Masai literacy groups.

12. NEEMA CRAFTS CENTRE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES offers them handicrafts’ training and employment opportunities.
Purchase of furniture for a carpentry workshop.

13. ST. CLARA GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL provides education for rural girls.
Purchase of 10 computers.

14. UJAMAA COMMUNITY RESOURCE TRUST focuses on community development projects.
Purchase of a sunflower-processing machine to 120 women.

15. WOMENCRAFT SOCIAL ENTERPRISE works towards economic development of rural women.
Training in bookkeeping, loan management and small business development for 320 artisan women.