2013/14 DSG Projects Map

1. AC-AF (Africa’s Children-Africa’s Future) setting up a homework club for Orphaned children. The homework club will offer a safe environment where children can receive extra assistance with their studies. Funded by UN LESA TZ.

2. ATD FOURTH WORLD engages with individuals and institutions to eradicate extreme poverty and allow individuals to take control of their own lives and assert their fundamental rights, such as access to education and healthcare.

3. CHILD IN THE SUN reunite and reintegrate street children and victims of child trafficking with their families and original communities while providing psychosocial support, educational and vocational training at the CIS centre.

4. ILAARAMATAK ASSOCIATION LIMITED to provide sustainable development initiatives that ensure Maasai people in the communities surrounding Handeni are able to balance necessary development and change with the key values of the traditional Maasai.

5. KARIBU TANZANIA ASSOCIATION works in adult education and community development for rural people. Practical entrepreneurship training for young mothers.

6. LAKE VICTORIA CHILDREN (LVC) to change the lives of orphans and vulnerable children and their families by addressing malnutrition with the introduction of highly nutritious orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) and tackle malaria by increasing awareness and community action.

7. MAKINI supports youth who live in the streets of Dar Es Salaam. A weekly art performance training.

8. OLIVE BRANCH FOR CHILDREN helps remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establishes programs that target the most vulnerable.

9. RURAL COMMUNITY NETWORK (RUCONET) supports the sustainable development of pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities in the Arusha region with the purchase of a maize milling machine, an oil filter for the sunflower processing machine, sewing machines and training in embroidery and sewing.

10. SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENTS AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES (SIDI) support 350 rural women with their own small scale tilapia fish farming.

11. WATOTO WA AFRICA ORGANIZATION an orphanage in Mwanza supporting 108 children, providing a safe environment to meet their basic needs. Funded by UN LESA TZ.