2014 DSG Projects Map


1. ASMK Have clean water available for children in primary school by installing 3 water tanks.

2. ATD to give parents living in extreme poverty the chance to access their right to register the birth of their children.

3. Caritas Development Office Purchase the equipment to make assisitive rehabilitation devices. The center will then re-fabricate them and sell for subsidized prizes.

4. ECONEF Install solar cells to provide electricity and hot water tank system at orphanage.

5. Human Dreams Medical supplies (not medicine) for dispensary which is part of a Children’s village where severely disabled and bedridden children will live.

6. Oikos Biodiversity, organic garden and restaurant – Incoming generating project for vulnerable women.

7. Ruconet Provision of 44 dairy goats and training for vulnerable women who will learn how to best take care for the goats.

8. Sucho Sun Rays Child’s Hope NGO Bee keeping project to support orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) with books and medical supplies. To expand the organization in order to support more OVCs.

9. Watoto wa Africa Orphanage Upgrading  kitchen and food stores at orphanage.

10. WomenCraft Develop a basic saving scheme amongst Women Craft members with a view to encourage sustainable development solutions.

2014 Projects PDF