How to Apply for Project Funding

Application Requirements

The application form is available for download in PDF and DOCX format.

Application meeting the following requirements will be considered:

  • Applications for funding in the 2016-2017 DSG cycle must be received between October 15 2016 and January 5, 2017. Late applications considered as funding allows and at discretion of DSG.
  • Submit applications using DSG Application Form in English (the form will be available on this website prior to the Application Open Period). All sections must be completed and all supplemental documentation submitted unless justification is provided as to why not. Use as much space as you need for each section of the form.
  • Proposed projects must be led by a registered NGO (non-governmental organization) or registered non-profit organization.  Proof of registration is required.
  • Day-to-day expenses (e.g. food, medication, fuel, rent, salaries, school fees or uniforms) are not covered by DSG grants.
  • Send completed DSG Application Form and required supplemental information to If you do not have access to email then mail the application to the following address:

Chair of the DSG Projects Committee, P.O. Box 23325, Oyster Bay, Dar es Salaam

Application Evaluation Criteria

Due to the high number of applications, the DSG is usually unable to fund all of them. Therefore, each proposed project is evaluated using the following minimum set of criteria:

  • Community-based and focused on vulnerable groups (most often women, children, elderly and people with disabilities).
  • Focused on education, economic independence and health.
  • Well managed through strong and reliable leadership.
  • Impacts are long-term.
  • Helps the project become self-sustaining.

There is not a formal minimum or maximum amount for grant requests. Funding for projects in the past has ranged from 1 to 13 million Tsh.

For additional information consult the projects page. Also,see previously funded projects  for an indication of the type of projects that the DSG supports.

Application Evaluation and Distribution of Funding

Evaluation of applications submitted on time will occur over January and February annually.  The DSG will communicate its decision and begin distributing funds in March to early April.

Questions regarding the funding process may be submitted to